I. Objective:

Mizoram Kailawn, Mizoram’s first ever business plan competition and entrepreneurship summit, was a multi-stakeholder initiative implemented by Mizoram State Entrepreneurship Development Monitoring Committee (MEDMOC), a nodal body of the Government of Mizoram under the flagship program New Economic Development Policy, and executed by the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta Innovation Park(IIMCIP).

The main objective of Mizoram Kailawn was to create a state-wide societal culture that accepts and appreciates entrepreneurs, making it easier for promising potential entrepreneurs to gain institutional support, community recognition and encouragement from family in their journey towards entrepreneurial success.

The vision for Mizoram Kailawn included the following:

 Create rapid and significant awareness and interest about entrepreneurship as a

desirable career path among the people of Mizoram, especially the youth.

 Encourage and support the youth of Mizoram to consider entrepreneurship as

their preferred career choice.

 Identify and promote evolving opportunities for entrepreneurship development in

the state of Mizoram.

 Highlight and showcase existing and emerging entrepreneurs from Mizoram.

 Identify, support, recognize and reward the most promising early-stage

entrepreneurs of Mizoram.

Through this programme, start the long-term process of creating a sustainable

platform and multi-stakeholder ecosystem within Mizoram that can support



Flow of Events:



            The Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Mizoram, through the

nodal agency MEDMOC, and IIMCIP was signed on 22 June 2016. The government departments involved in Mizoram Kailawn included Planning and Programme Implementation, the Directorate of Information & Public Relations, and the Department of Information & Communication Technology. In addition, the Offices of the Deputy Commissioner in each district were involved with outreach programmes. Mizoram Consultancy Group (MZCG) was engaged as local partners executing the groundwork for Mizoram Kailawn.


            Great care and effort was taken to ensure effective branding for Mizoram Kailawn, from choosing the name, designing the logo, and creating the theme song. The branding was to reflect and celebrate the local culture while conveying the objective and purpose of the initiative.



The public launch of Mizoram Kailawn took place on 18 July 2017 in collaboration with the Directorate of Information & Public Relations. The name, theme song, and website were revealed and the main objectives of Mizoram Kailawn were shared. The Chief Guest for the Launch was Shri Lalsawta, Honorable Minister of Finance and Planning and Programme Implementation. In addition, those in attendance included government officials, local entrepreneurs, and members of the press.




            The application form for the business plan competition was launched on 21 July 2017. The Department of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) created the form, which was designed as a two-step process. Applicants first registered and input basic contact and demographic information, and once completed filled out and submitted the online application form. Applications were completely online submissions. A total of 287 applications were submitted for Mizoram Kailawn B-Plan Competition.



            To create significant awareness and interest, Outreach Programmes / Road Shows were carried out in every district of Mizoram. The goal of the Outreach Programmes was to generate excitement about Mizoram Kailawn while increasing knowledge about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship development in the State.

Master Trainers from MEDMOC, selected and equipped to be go-to resources for those interested in entrepreneurship, and a founder/partner of MZCG conducted the Outreach

Programmes. Local Offices of the Deputy Commissioner were engaged to assist with execution of the programmes in the districts. A total of 10 Outreach Programmes were organised; one in each district of Mizoram and three in the capital of Aizawl. Those in attendance at each Outreach Programme included local government officials, local entrepreneurs, local community leaders, and students interested in entrepreneurship. In addition to the Outreach Programmes, information on Mizoram Kailawn was shared via print media, social media, radio, and television.


            VII. BOOT CAMP & FINALS

            The second phase of Mizoram Kailawn was the Boot Camp. The Boot Camp was a four-day intensive residential program held at Mizoram University Campus from 4 – 7 October 2017.

Out of the 287 applications submitted for the Business Plan Competition, 43 finalists were shortlisted to participate in the Boot Camp. Mentors conducted intensive sessions with the finalists to help refine their business plans as well as sharpen their presentation skills. In addition to the IIMCIP Team mentors included Abhijit Bhaumik, Consultant; Suman Mukhopadhyay, Director, Banglanatak.com; Devasis Gupta, Consultant, Mentor; Vikram Duggal, Investor, Advisor; Viresh Oberoi, Advisor. From the 43 finalists, 20 were selected to proceed on to the Semi-Final Round, from which another 10 were shortlisted for the Final Round. Judges for the Semi-Finals and Finals included mentors and experts from IIMCIP, MEDMOC, and local Mizo entrepreneurs. In addition to the IIMCIP team, mentors and evaluators for the Semi-Final and Finals Rounds included Neichute Doulo, Entrepreneurs Associates and Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 Awardee; Vipul Kumar, Country Director, Ennovent; Chandrakant Komaragiri, Senior Manager, Ennovent; Rinzuala, MEDMOC Expert Member; David Lalmuanpuia Fanai, F. Hrangvela Industries, local entrepreneur; Dr. Franklin Marina, Abigail Homestore, local entrepreneur, B. Lalrinkima, TATA Trusts Mizoram.



Mentor and Entrepreneur discussing at B Plan



Mizoram Kailawn was effective in increasing awareness on entrepreneurship and encouraged aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their ideas. Mizoram Kailawn successfully identified promising start-ups and ideas, from every district of Mizoram. Additionally, there was a high participation rate of women entrepreneurs who comprised of 28% of the finalists invited to participate in the Boot Camp, and 20% of the overall applicants. Business proposals represented a wide range of sectors including agriculture, technology, fashion/textile, tourism, manufacturing, energy and waste management, construction, services, and animal husbandry. First, Second and Third place winners were identified for the Mizoram Kailawn Business Plan Competition, and two Promising Ideas were awarded. 

1st Mizoram Kailawn Business Plan 2017 Winners 
S.NoFinalist NameName Business / IdeaMobile NumberCityDistrict
1LalsiamtharaPapyrus Mizoram/Banana leave for fiber processing9402327223SerchhipSerchhip
2Lalhlupuii RalteMizo Medicinal Plants Processing Center8415058899AizawlAizawl
3Lalawmpuia PachuauPortable Home Bio Gas8414034665AizawlAizawl
4Lalnunsiami PachuauSIAMI9774090611AizawlAizawl
5Michael HmingthanpuiaAlternative Tourism in Mizoram8974058106AizawlAizawl
6Evangeline HmarBamboo Pulp Products8415929394AizawlAizawl
7Rokimi KhawlhringTinreng/Mobile App for Multipurpose Use7005420028AizawlAizawl
8LalramsangaUtilisation of Construction and Demolition Waste8939232169TanhrilAizawl
9Mark LalduhsakaMizoram Sport Management Agency9999176275AizawlAizawl 
10Raymond RemlalmuanaBelieving Is Seeing Projek8974124844AizawlAizawl
11Patricia ZadengKimKimi/Designing8414023366AizawlAizawl
12K. LalmuanpuiiManufacturing Industry of Handwoven Readymade Garments 9612158011Ramhlun SouthAizawl
13Franky SailoThermal Composting and Waste Management 9615949769AizawlAizawl
14Lalrikhuma Pachuau Ria Food and Medicinal Processing9612164357Tanhril VentharAizawl
15Lalpekliana Chhakchhuak Woodland School of Woodworking9856937558AizawlAizawl
16Esther KhiangteSalad Farming/Aquaponics9612539887AizawlAizawl
17LalramengmawiaE-Grocery/Mobile App9862229895LuangmualAizawl
18CL ZabiaktharaMulen Farm (Poultry Farming)8794576673AizawlAizawl
19Zoramchhana ChawngthuHydro-Power Pump8974170315ChhungteChamphai
20HV LalzuimawiaLalzui Research Foundation/Manufacturing of Machines9436361723AizawlAizawl

A total fund of Rs.10,75,000/- was provided as award money.