About Mizoram Kailawn 

The Government of Mizoram wants to encourage the people in the state, especially the youth, to aspire to become successful entrepreneurs, thus helping themselves, their communities, and also contributing to the socio-economic development of Mizoram. With a vision to create a vibrant entrepreneurial eco-system, facilitate nurturing of start-ups and propagate a culture of innovation in Mizoram, the Govt. of Mizoram through the Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (EDS), Mizoram State Entrepreneurship Development & Monitoring Committee (MEDMOC), Planning & Programme Implementation Department has launched a series of Entrepreneurship Development Programmes under the brand name “Mizoram Kailawn”.

In the last three years, programs like “Mizoram Kailawn” and “Mizoram Rahbi”, have facilitated a state-wide societal culture that accepts and appreciates entrepreneurs, have successfully spread awareness at the district level, promoted promising potential entrepreneurs to gain institutional support, community recognition and encouragement from family in their journey towards entrepreneurial success. These programmes have promoted self-reliance, tapped the entrepreneurial potential of the State, facilitated micro capital, generation of employment through start-ups, created a buzz & enthusiasm within the youth, created an entrepreneurial ecosystem and made entrepreneurship aspirational. 



Mizoram Entrepreneurship Development Monitoring Committee (MEDMOC) was constituted in order to promote entrepreneurship, MEDMOC engages in conducting awareness campaigns, micro start-up capital competitions and other initiatives.

About IIM Calcutta Innovation Park:

IIM Calcutta Innovation Park – established under the aegis of IIM Calcutta – is a leading Business Incubator focused on fostering entrepreneurship and supporting start-ups, especially in East & North-East India. IIMCIP has partnered with Mizoram University & local entrepreneurs over the last three years in spreading awareness about social entrepreneurship in Mizoram.


About the Accelerator

Those start-ups which have already begun their entrepreneurial journey, have established enterprises and have started generating revenue would require specialized support and handholding in order to grow their businesses and scale them beyond the geographical boundaries of the state. In order to support these start-ups and further the initiatives under the Entrepreneurship Development Scheme, MEDMOC in association with IIM Calcutta Innovation Park is launching the Mizoram Kailawn Accelerator. 

The Accelerator aims to identify promising start-ups with proven business models in early revenue stage and provide them intense handholding and mentoring through a structured programme to achieve sustainability and scale up operations within and outside the state. The Accelerator will be conducted under two distinct tracks :

Growth Certification Cohort

The Growth Certification Cohort is a curated curriculum based regular structured 

Certification programme with Virtual Capacity Building Sessions, One to One Virtual Mentoring & Physical Boot Camps. 


Growth Mentoring Cohort 

The Growth Mentoring Cohort is an intense, dedicated mentoring, handholding and acceleration support program comprising Start-up Onsite Diagnostics, Site Visits, Virtual Capacity Building Sessions, One to One Virtual Mentoring, Physical Boot Camps & pitching to investors on Demo Day. 


Accelerator Duration 

Each of the Cohorts will be for a duration of 6 months each



Accelerator Benefits

  • Structured Intervention
  • Intense Mentoring Support
  • Knowledge
  • Access to Markets
  • Funding – Grants & Bank Credit
  • Main Streaming
  • Exposure to National Level Network

1. What is Mizoram Kailawn?
Ans: Mizoram Kailawn Accelerator is a program to 
identify promising start-ups with proven business models in early revenue stage and provide them intense and holding and mentoring through a structured programme to achieve sustainability and scale up operations within and outside the state.

2. Where can I submit the application form?
Ans: You can click the Apply button on this page or log on to 
http://contest.iimcip.org/apply-now/mizoram-kailawn-accelerator and first REGISTER. When you register you will create a log-in and password, which you can then use to log-in and complete the application form.

3. Do I have to submit a project proposal?
Ans: No, you do not have to submit a project proposal. You simply have to answer the questions in the application form.

4. I only have a business idea; can I still participate?
Ans: This program is for those who have already established a start-up and are in revenue stage. 

5. Can I submit the application in Mizo?
Ans: Applications must be completed and submitted in English.

6. Do I have to be in Mizoram to participate in MK?
Ans: Any Indian Citizen above the age of 18 years can apply. You need not be in Mizoram, but must have an existing business or plan to set up business in Mizoram. 

7. Can I submit more than one application?
Ans: Only one submission per applicant / registration is permitted.

8. Are there restrictions regarding who can apply?
Ans: Regular Government Employees and start-ups not having an established company  are not eligible to apply.